A game-novella set in near future Minneapolis.



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If you like We Are the Firewall, check out my second story collection Tyrannia and Other Renditions, available from Small Beer Press November 2013.

In these 11 stories—and the weird spaces in between—people of all kinds struggle to free themselves from conventions and constraints both personal and political. Places ranging from the farthest reaches of outer space to the creepy abandoned farmhouse in the middle of nowhere become battlegrounds for change and growth—sometimes at a massive cost.

Tyranny takes many forms, some more subtle than others, and it is up to the reader to travel along with the characters, who improvise and create their own renditions of freedom.

“DeNiro (Skinny Dipping in the Lake of the Dead) has crafted the rare work whose setting is the realm of pure imagination.” —Publishers Weekly

“Quirky, unconventional and outlandish short fiction, bordering on the surreal—and sometimes crossing the border.” —Kirkus Reviews

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